Well, it’s long overdue. let’s finally get the moon race back on! This could create new exciting industries that only USA’s financial ecosystem can create, well before the Chinese and Russians.


Bridenstine added that the goal is take advantage of emerging international demand — both commercial and from other nations’ space agencies — to land on and exploit the moon’s resources.

He views the $2.6 billion in potential contracts (it’s unlikely all of this money would be spent) as a way to spur companies to “compete on cost and innovation so that we, as NASA, can do more than we’ve ever been able to do before.”

Zurbuchen explained that the agency will create a catalog of payloads for the companies to bid on taking to the moon. The first round of proposals are due in January, NASA said in a release. The first missions could fly to the moon as soon as 2019, though possibly as late as 2022.