we got the #2 (EWZ)  bearly missed #1,  and the two worst  ( EGPT, NGE).

PAK wasn’t on this list, but if it were,  from 12.7 to 17.5 + 0.51 div. then return would be about 41.5% or #4.

BRF=66%, 70% with div.

EWZ = 64%,  68% with div.

PAK=37%, 41% with div.

EGPT= -29%

NGE= -36%, -34% with div.

I regretted selling RSXJ in q3 2014. It more than doubled in 2016, from 17 to 38.

Not bad, although extremely divergent result, quite expected as the Dollar is still peaking and not yet in decline.  Three of the stock index in domestic currencies were positive except Nigeria which was only  -7%.