I’ve been wondering about this point for a few days so I checked.

Surprising to me that in the last 14 year, not one single year has there been any positive net migration. Despite this, China’s population is still  growing at about 0.5%, so emigrants are also gradually growing. 0.3% of 1.38B people is about 4 million people every year leave China. Approx. 2million go to USA alone…stunning!




China is acting like most 3rd world country, relentless outflow of citizens to other countries year after year, in good economy or bad.

Top 4 destinations: US, Korea, Japan, and Canada.

Japan is most surprising place because of historical animosity between the two countries after WWII. Chinese students study in Japan and stay, similar to USA. So the brain drain is toward the free world and away from the communist regime.

Here is the chart of Russia net migration, again a surprise. In contrast to China, It’s gaining immigrants every year. russia