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I respect Barry Ritholz a lot. This is quoting his tweet:

“3 simple rules will explain 99% of human behavior
1: Most people don’t think.

2: Some people are jerks.

3: Everyone is selling something.”

The bears pray on gullable investors’ fear of loss to prevent them from riding the long term secular bull market we are currently in.

This is their usual ploy:

Exaggerating normal stock market corrections as the “beginning of the another financial crisis! “…when in fact the bloodiest crash in commodities and mining sector has already happened!

They want to drive traffic to their doom-based websites, make you trade excessively, or sell you gold.

Here’s a great blog on how bad those perma-bears’ predictions have been

A Visual History of Market Crash Predictions

my last post showed how wrong these naysayers have been thru 80 years of US history.