Well readers I hope you throroughly enjoyed my blog this year.

With a value investing approach, our ETF’s did poorly.

The Euro declined as a result of weak global trade and bad market liquidity.

However our successes were in the long awaited recovery in Italy, Portugal which were best performing indexes that we’ve held all through 2015.

2016 should bring better tidings as the long awaited first Fed rate increase could potential signal a major shift away from “safe/Largecap US based dividend paying and well known glamour stocks”.

This transition has been going on for 2 years now, and as the rotational forces gather momentum and mature from Large/mega caps to small cap, and from Growth stocks to Value stocks ( especially financial stocks) .

Once the Euro starts moving back to 120, then the Dollar up trend will be over and global indexes will outperform US.

Emerging market value stocks and value countries like Greece, Egypt,Brazil will shine again.