growthAMZN (red)

GPRO ( black)

BABA (green)

TWTR (blue)

4 loved large cap growth stocks, only Amazon held up in the last two years. it does seem the growth names peaked in Q3-4 of last year. This year nearly everything went down.

The US stock market looks fine after a year of declines in high valued growth names. It’s not cheap yet in general, unless the Fed tightens into a recession, it’s likely to just grind sideways or slightly higher in the next 2-3 years. Mainly because I see sector rotation going on, so stock picking will work now, some stocks will do well, some will keep falling. Depressed oil/coal/gas/gold/metals stocks might bounce up, while rich internet/healthcare/consumer staples names could come down, financials are in the middle could go either way.